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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Accuracy improvement in a calibration test bench for accelerometers by a vision system 1-gen-2016 D'Emilia, Giulio; DI GASBARRO, David; Gaspari, Antonella; Natale, Emanuela
Application of modified Durbun's algorithm in solving poroelastodynamic problems via boundary element method 1-gen-2020 Ipatov, A. A.; Igumnov, L. A.; Dell'Isola, F.; Litvinchuk, S. Yu.
Behavior of fiber reinforced metal laminates at high strain rate 1-gen-2018 Newaz, G.; Sasso, M.; Amodio, D.; Mancini, E.
A CSP plant using air as working fluid with a thermal storage section and an ORC-based energy recovery system 1-gen-2019 Cinocca, Andrea; Di Bartolomeo, Marco; Cipollone, Roberto; Carapellucci, Roberto
Enhanced heat exchanger layout for optimum energy performance in solar thermal ORC-based unit 1-gen-2019 Vittorini, Diego; Cipollone, Roberto; Carapellucci, Roberto
Experimental characterization of a hermetic scroll expander operating in an ORC-based power unit bottoming an internal combustion engine 1-gen-2019 Fatigati, F.; Di Bartolomeo, M.; Di Battista, D.; Cipollone, R.
LNV Higgses at LHC 1-gen-2016 Maiezza, A.; Nemevsek, M.; Nesti, F.
Numerical Conservation Issues for Stochastic Hamiltonian Problems 1-gen-2022 D'Ambrosio, R.; Giordano, G.; Paternoster, B.
Semi-implicit Multivalue Almost Collocation Methods 1-gen-2022 Conte, D.; D'Ambrosio, R.; D'Arienzo, M. P.; Paternoster, B.
Shear bands formation in different engineering materials subjected to dynamic compression 1-gen-2019 Mancini, Edoardo; Farotti, Emanuele; Paoletti, Chiara; Sasso, Marco
Stiffness Ratio and the Diffusion of Fake News 1-gen-2022 D'Ambrosio, R.; Mottola, S.; Paternoster, B.
Study of high strain rate effect on sheet formability based on Nakazima test 1-gen-2017 Mancini, E.; Chiappini, G.; Forcellese, A.; Sasso, M.; Simoncini, M.
Technical review of opportunities to reduce the warm-up time of lubricant oil in a light-duty diesel engine 1-gen-2019 Di Battista, D.; Vittorini, D.; Fatigati, F.; Cipollone, R.
Transcritical CO2 refrigeration plants: Experimental campaign and model-based evaluations of new technologies 1-gen-2019 Santini, F.; Di Battista, D.; Villante, C.; Orlandi, M.
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 15 di 15
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