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Theoretical-computational characterization of the temperature-dependent folding thermodynamics of a β-hairpin peptide 1-gen-2016 Daidone, Isabella; ZANETTI POLZI, Laura; Thukral, Lipi; Alekozai, Emal M.; Amadei, Andrea
Extending the essential dynamics analysis to investigate molecular properties: Application to the redox potential of proteins 1-gen-2016 ZANETTI POLZI, Laura; Corni, Stefano; Daidone, Isabella; Amadei, Andrea
Parallel folding pathways of Fip35 WW domain explained by infrared spectra and their computer simulation 1-gen-2017 Zanetti-Polzi, Laura; Davis, Caitlin M.; Gruebele, Martin; Dyer, R. Brian; Amadei, Andrea; Daidone, Isabella
Computational evidence support the hypothesis of neuroglobin also acting as an electron transfer species 1-gen-2017 Paltrinieri, Licia; Di Rocco, Giulia; Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; Borsari, Marco; Sola, Marco; Ranieri, Antonio; Zanetti-Polzi, Laura; Daidone, Isabella; Bortolotti, Carlo Augusto
Computational investigation of the electron transfer complex between neuroglobin and cytochrome c 1-gen-2017 Zanetti Polzi, Laura; Battistuzzi, Gianantonio; Borsari, Marco; Pignataro, Marcello; Paltrinieri, Licia; Daidone, Isabella; Bortolotti, Carlo Augusto
Alternative Electron-Transfer Channels Ensure Ultrafast Deactivation of Light-Induced Excited States in Riboflavin Binding Protein 1-gen-2017 Zanetti-Polzi, Laura; Aschi, Massimiliano; Amadei, Andrea; Daidone, Isabella
Theoretical modeling of the absorption spectrum of aqueous riboflavin 1-gen-2017 ZANETTI POLZI, Laura; Aschi, Massimiliano; Daidone, Isabella; Amadei, Andrea
On the nature of solvatochromic effect: The riboflavin absorption spectrum as a case study 1-gen-2018 Daidone, Isabella; Amadei, Andrea; Aschi, Massimiliano; ZANETTI POLZI, Laura
A quantitative connection of experimental and simulated folding landscapes by vibrational spectroscopy 1-gen-2018 Davis, Caitlin M.; Zanetti-Polzi, Laura; Gruebele, Martin; Amadei, Andrea; Dyer, R. Brian; Daidone, Isabella
Extending the perturbed matrix method beyond the dipolar approximation: comparison of different levels of theory 1-gen-2018 Zanetti-Polzi, Laura; Del Galdo, Sara; Daidone, Isabella; D'Abramo, Marco; Barone, Vincenzo; Aschi, Massimiliano; Amadei, Andrea
Tyrosine absorption spectroscopy: Backbone protonation effects on the side chain electronic properties 1-gen-2018 Del Galdo, Sara; Mancini, Giordano; Daidone, Isabella; Zanetti Polzi, Laura; Amadei, Andrea; Barone, Vincenzo
Difference mid-IR nanospectroscopy on individual patches of purple membranes: The proton pump activity of bacteriorhodopsin at the nanoscale 1-gen-2019 Giliberti, V.; Polito, R.; Ritter, E.; Broser, M.; Hegemann, P.; Puskar, L.; Schade, U.; Zanetti-Polzi, L.; Daidone, I.; Corni, S.; Rusconi, F.; Biagioni, P.; Baldassarre, L.; Ortolani, M.
Tip-Enhanced Infrared Difference-Nanospectroscopy of the Proton Pump Activity of Bacteriorhodopsin in Single Purple Membrane Patches 1-gen-2019 Giliberti, V.; Polito, R.; Ritter, E.; Broser, M.; Hegemann, P.; Puskar, L.; Schade, U.; Zanetti-Polzi, L.; Daidone, I.; Corni, S.; Rusconi, F.; Biagioni, P.; Baldassarre, L.; Ortolani, M.
Hydration Shell of Antifreeze Proteins: Unveiling the Role of Non-Ice-Binding Surfaces 1-gen-2019 Zanetti-Polzi, L.; Biswas, A. D.; Del Galdo, S.; Barone, V.; Daidone, I.
Evidence of a Thermodynamic Ramp for Hole Hopping to Protect a Redox Enzyme from Oxidative Damage 1-gen-2019 Zanetti-Polzi, Laura; Daidone, Isabella; Corni, Stefano
Interpretation of Experimental Soret Bands of Porphyrins in Flexible Covalent Cages and in Their Related Ag(I) Fixed Complexes 1-gen-2019 Zanetti-Polzi, L.; Amadei, A.; Djemili, R.; Durot, S.; Schoepff, L.; Heitz, V.; Ventura, B.; Daidone, I.
Mechanism and Dynamics of Photodecarboxylation Catalyzed by Lactate Monooxygenase 1-gen-2023 Li, Xiankun; Page, Claire G; Zanetti-Polzi, Laura; Kalra, Aarat P; Oblinsky, Daniel G; Daidone, Isabella; Hyster, Todd K; Scholes, Gregory D
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