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Analysing Learning Interactions in Digital Learning Ecosystems based on Learning Activity Streams 1-gen-2013 Eradze, Maka; Maka, Laanpere; Mart,
Interrelation between Pedagogical Design and Learning Interaction Patterns in different Virtual Learning Environments 1-gen-2014 Eradze, M.; Laanpere, M.
Observing the use of e-textbooks in the classroom: Towards “offline” learning analytics 1-gen-2014 Eradze, M.; Valjataga, T.; Laanpere, M.
E-textbooks: Towards the new socio-technical regime 1-gen-2014 Pata, K.; Eradze, M.; Laanpere, M.
Analyzing learning flows in digital learning ecosystems 1-gen-2015 Eradze, M.; Pata, K.; Laanpere, M.
MOOCs: A multi-faceted phenomenon 1-gen-2016 Kerr, Ruth; Eradze, Maka
How to aggregate lesson observation data into learning analytics dataset? 1-gen-2017 Eradze, M.; Maria Jesús, Rodrìguez-Triana.; Laanpere, M.
Learning analytics in MOOCs: EMMA case 1-gen-2017 Eradze, M.; Tammets, K.
Lesson observation data in learning analytics datasets: Observata 1-gen-2017 Eradze, M.; Laanpere, M.
Semantically annotated lesson observation data in learning analytics datasets: A reference model 1-gen-2017 Eradze, M.; Rodriguez-Triana, M. J.; Laanpere, M.
The flipped MOOC: Using gamification and learning analytics in MOOC design—A conceptual approach 1-gen-2018 Klemke, R.; Eradze, M.; Antonaci, A.
Observational Scaffolding for Learning Analytics: A Methodological Proposal 1-gen-2018 Rodriguez-Medina, J.; Rodriguez-Triana, M. J.; Eradze, M.; Garcia-Sastre, S.
Addressing cultural and linguistic diversity in an online learning environment 1-gen-2018 Kerr, R.; Merciai, I.; Eradze, M.
A conversation between learning design and classroom observations: A systematic literature review 1-gen-2019 Eradze, M.; Rodriguez-Triana, M. J.; Laanpere, M.
Blended learning with MOOCs: From investment effort to success: a systematic literature review on empirical evidence 1-gen-2019 Eradze, M.; Leon Urrutia, M.; Reda, V.; Kerr, R.
Learning Interactions Across Spaces: a Framework for Contextualised Multimodal Observations 1-gen-2020 Eradze, M.
Context-aware multimodal learning analytics taxonomy 1-gen-2020 Eradze, M.; Rodríguez, Triana; M. J., Laanpere
Perceiving Educational Value of Videos Based on Semiautomated Student Feedback and Theory-driven Videoanalytics 1-gen-2020 Eradze, M.; Dipace, A.; Fazlagic, B.; Di Pietro, A.
Hybrid Flexible Learning with MOOCs: A Proposal to Reconceptualize the COVID19 Emergency Beyond the Crisis 1-gen-2020 Eradze, Maka; Dipace, Anna; Limone, Pierpaolo
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 44
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