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A novel hierarchy of integrable lattices, 1-gen-1994 Merola, Immacolata; Ragnisco, O; TU GUI, Zhang
On the validity of the van der Waals theory in Ising systems with long range interactions 1-gen-1997 Butta, P; Merola, Immacolata; Presutti, E.
Asymptotic expansion of the pressure in the inverse interaction range 1-gen-1999 Merola, Immacolata
Lebowitz-Penrose limit for continuum particle systems 1-gen-2000 Merola, Immacolata
On the absence of non-translational invariant Gibbs states in two dimensions 1-gen-2000 Merola, Immacolata
The liquid and vapor phases in particle models with Kac potentials 1-gen-2002 Baffioni, F; Merola, Immacolata; Presutti, E.
On the Gibbs phase rule in the Pirogov-Sinai regime 1-gen-2004 Bovier, A; Merola, Immacolata; Presutti, E; Zahradnik, M.
Geometry of contours and Peierls estimates in d=1 Ising models with long range interactions 1-gen-2005 Cassandro, M; FERRARI P., A; Merola, Immacolata; Presutti, E.
Bose Condensation and Large Loops in the Mean Field model 1-gen-2005 Benfatto, G; Cassandro, M; Merola, Immacolata; Presutti, E.
First-order phase transition in Potts models with finite-range interactions 1-gen-2007 Gobron, T; Merola, Immacolata
Potts models in the continuum. Uniqueness and exponential decay in the restricted ensembles 1-gen-2008 DE MASI, Anna; Merola, Immacolata; Presutti, E; Vignaud, Y.
Coexistence of ordered and disordered phases in Potts models in the continuum 1-gen-2009 DE MASI, Anna; Merola, Immacolata; Presutti, E; Vignaud, Y.
Study of a Long Range Perturbation of a One-Dimensional Kac Model 1-gen-2011 Cassandro, M.; Merola, Immacolata; Vares, M. E.
One-Dimensional Ising Models with Long Range Interactions: Cluster Expansion, Phase-Separating Point 1-gen-2014 Cassandro, M; Merola, Immacolata; Picco, P; Rozikov, U.
Phase Transitions in Layered Systems 1-gen-2014 ​Fontes L., R; Marchetti D. H., U; Merola, Immacolata; Presutti, E; Vares, M. E.
Layered Systems at the Mean Field Critical Temperature 1-gen-2015 Luiz Renato, Fontes; Domingos H. U., Marchetti; Merola, Immacolata; Errico, Presutti; Maria Eulalia, Vares
Phase Separation for the Long Range One-dimensional Ising Model 1-gen-2017 Cassandro, Marzio; Merola, Immacolata; Picco, Pierre
Renewal properties of the d = 1 Ising model 1-gen-2018 Cassandro, Marzio; Merola, Immacolata; Presutti, Errico
Interface Fluctuations in Non Equilibrium Stationary States: The SOS Approximation 1-gen-2019 De Masi, A.; Merola, I.; Olla, S.
Reservoirs, Fick law, and the Darken effect 1-gen-2021 De Masi, A; Merola, I; Presutti, E
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