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Gaming simulation applied to water supply from marine source and governance modelling. San Pietro and Asinara islands case studies 1-gen-2014 Rizzi, Paola; Careddu, Stefania; Marcia, Alessia
Gaming Simulation as policy planning tool in a racial diverse neighborhood: a case study of Lardproaw district, Bangkok 1-gen-2018 Rizzi, Paola; Huyakorn, Pongpisit
Gaming Simulation for Water Management: Considering Desalination Plants Powered by Renewable Energies in Protected Areas 1-gen-2014 Marcia, A; Rizzi, P
Gaming simulation: a tool for empower social scale-free networks. Some reflections on the impact in urban planning 1-gen-2007 Rizzi, Paola; Cossu, R.
Gaming:il Linguaggio per il Futuro 1-gen-2007 Rizzi, P; Follo, V
Gamma Rays-Induced Copolymerization of Copper (II) Methacrylate: a Way of Access to Copper -Based Syntetic Micro and Macroporous Resins 1-gen-1998 Baccante, A.; Quaresima, Raimondo; Volpe, R.; Palma, G.; Corain, B.
Gas-cromatografia con spettrometro di massa (GC-MS) 1-gen-2009 Bartolomucci, C
Gaudí y la reinvención del orden arquitectónico 1-gen-2016 Ciranna, Simonetta
The gaze of the flying avatar: multirotor drones experiences for architectural heritage surveying, study and enhancement 1-gen-2020 Brusaporci, Stefano; Maiezza, Pamela; Tata, Alessandra
A GBT Model for the Analysis of Composite Steel-Concrete Beams with Partial Shear Interaction 1-gen-2015 Taig, Gerard; Ranzi, Gianluca; Dias da Costa, Daniel; Piccardo, Giuseppe; Luongo, Angelo
GBT pre-buckling and buckling analyses of thin-walled members under axial and transverse loads 1-gen-2016 Taig, Gerard; Ranzi, Gianluca; Luongo, Angelo
Gender Dis-equality and Urban Settlement Dispersion: Which Relationship? 1-gen-2022 Saganeiti, L.; Fiorini, L.
“General notes on ductility in timber structures.” 1-gen-2011 Jorissen, A; Fragiacomo, Massimo
General Report for Technical Session TC102: In-Situ Testing 1-gen-2017 Monaco, P.; Viana da Fonseca, A.; Dejong, J.; Lehane, B.
Generalised beam theory (GBT) for stiffened sections, Research and Applications in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation 1-gen-2013 Taig, G; Ranzi, G; Piccardo, G; Luongo, Angelo
Generalized beam model for the analysis of wave propagation with a symmetric pattern of deformation in planar pantographic sheets 1-gen-2022 Ciallella, A; Giorgio, I; Eugster, Rs; Rizzi, Ln; Dell'Isola, F
Generalized beam theory for thin-walled beams with curvilinear open cross-sections 1-gen-2020 Latalski, J.; Zulli, D.
A Generalized Multiple Scale approach to the nonlinear problem of a force moving on a taut string 1-gen-2022 Ferretti, Manuel; DI NINO, Simona; Luongo, Angelo
Generalized multiple scale approach to the problem of a taut string traveled by a single force 1-gen-2023 Ferretti, M.; Di Nino, S.; Luongo, A.
Generalized Multiple Scale Method for strongly nonlinear continuous system: force traveling on a taut string 1-gen-2022 Ferretti, Manuel; DI NINO, Simona; Luongo, Angelo
Mostrati risultati da 1.721 a 1.740 di 5.046
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