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Non-linear modelling of the three and seven storey X-lam buildings tested within the SOFIE Project 1-gen-2014 Rinaldin, Giovanni; Poh'Sie, Guillaume Herve; Fragiacomo, Massimo; Amadio, Claudio
"Non-linear modelling of wooden light-frame and X-lam structures" 1-gen-2012 Fragiacomo, Massimo; Amadio, C; Rinaldin, G; Sancin, L.
Non-linear oscillations of a four-degree-of-freedom model of a suspended cable under multiple internal resonance conditions 1-gen-1995 Benedettini, F; Rega, G; Alaggio, Rocco
"Non-linear seismic analysis of a masonry building by means of the Sap2000 v.10 code." 1-gen-2008 Pasticier, L; Amadio, C; Fragiacomo, Massimo
Non-linear simulation of shaking-table tests on 3- and 7-storey X-Lam timber buildings 1-gen-2016 Rinaldin, G.; Fragiacomo, Massimo
"Non-linear springs for cyclic analysis of wooden structures" 1-gen-2012 Rinaldin, G; Amadio, C; Fragiacomo, Massimo
Non-Prismatic Beam-Like Structures with 3D Cross-Sectional Warping 1-gen-2021 Migliaccio, G
Non-proportional damping model for dynamic analysis of beam-like structures 1-gen-2023 Di Nino, S.; Zulli, D.; Luongo, A.
Non-resonant non-planar free motions of inextensional non-compact beams 1-gen-1989 Luongo, Angelo; Rega, G; Vestroni, F.
Non-smooth dynamics of buckling based metainterfaces: rocking-like motion and bifurcations 1-gen-2022 Hima, Nikolin; D'Annibale, Francesco; Francesco Dal Corso,
Non-standard Multiple Scale algorithms for zero-to-one internal resonance analysis 1-gen-2011 Luongo, Angelo; Zulli, Daniele
Non-traditional Building Insulation Materials 1-gen-2023 Cucchiella, Federica; Rotilio, Marianna; Villa, Valentina
Nonlinear Aeroelastic Behavior of a Base Isolated Tower Under Steady Wind Flow 1-gen-2019 Di Nino, S.; Luongo, A.
Nonlinear aeroelastic behavior of a base-isolated beam under steady wind flow 1-gen-2020 Di Nino, S.; Luongo, A.
Nonlinear aeroelastic in-plane behavior of suspension bridges under steady wind flow 1-gen-2020 Di Nino, S.; Luongo, A.
Nonlinear analytical modeling of mass-timber buildings with post-tensioned rocking walls 1-gen-2022 Aloisio, A; Rosso, Mm; Huang, D; Iqbal, A; Fragiacomo, M; Pei, Sl
Nonlinear behaviour of a suspended cable under stationary and non-stationary loading 1-gen-2002 Martinelli, L; Gattulli, Vincenzo; Vestroni, F.
Nonlinear bifurcations of damped visco-elastic planar beams under simultaneous gravitational and follower forces 1-gen-2011 Luongo, Angelo; D'Annibale, Francesco
Nonlinear control laws for enhancement of structural control effectiveness 1-gen-1994 Gattulli, Vincenzo; Lin, R. C.; Soong, T. T.
Nonlinear coupling and instability in the forced dynamics of a non-shallow arch: Theory and experiments 1-gen-2012 Benedettini, Francesco; Alaggio, Rocco; Zulli, Daniele
Mostrati risultati da 3.273 a 3.292 di 5.352
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