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Mostrati risultati da 3.293 a 3.312 di 5.292
Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Nonlinear quadratic interactions in cable-stayed beams 1-gen-2002 Gattulli, Vincenzo; Paolone, A; D’Amore, G.
Nonlinear Response of SDOF systems under combined Deterministic and Random Excitations 1-gen-2006 Vasta, M; Zulli, Daniele; Benedettini, F.
Nonlinear response of the damped Beck’s beam with added devices 1-gen-2022 Ferretti, Manuel; D’Annibale, Francesco; Luongo, Angelo
Nonlinear strategies for longitudinal control in the stabilization of an oscillating suspended cable 1-gen-2000 Gattulli, Vincenzo; F., Vestroni
Nonlinear Tuned Mass Damper for self-excited oscillations 1-gen-2004 Gattulli, Vincenzo; DI FABIO, Franco; Luongo, Angelo
Nonlinear vibration absorber design: An asymptotic approach 1-gen-2015 Casalotti, A.; Lacarbonara, W.
Nonlinear Vibration Absorber Optimal Design via Asymptotic Approach 1-gen-2016 Casalotti, A.; Lacarbonara, W.
Nonlinear vibrations of beams including shear deformations and rotatory inertia 1-gen-1986 Luongo, Angelo; Pignataro, M; Rega, G; Vestroni, F.
Nonlinear viscoelastic analysis of a cylindrical balloon squeezed between two rigid moving plates 1-gen-2013 De Simone, A; Luongo, Angelo
Nonlinear Viscoelastic Analysis of a Pneumatic 2D-Structure Interposed Between a Couple of Rigid Moving Planes 1-gen-2011 DE SIMONE, A; Luongo, Angelo
Nonlinear viscous dampers interconnecting adjacent structures for seismic retrofitting 1-gen-2011 Gattulli, Vincenzo; Lepidi, M; Potenza, Francesco; Ceci, Am
Nonlinear Warping and Torsional Elongation Effects on the Response of an Open Cross Section Beam 1-gen-2006 Vestroni, F; DI EGIDIO, Angelo; Luongo, Angelo
Nonlinear Warping and Torsional Elongation in the Response of channel section beam 1-gen-2005 DI EGIDIO, Angelo; Luongo, Angelo; Vestroni, F.
Nonlinear warping effects on the flexural-torsional behavior of a thin-walled open cross-section beam 1-gen-2011 DI EGIDIO, Angelo; Vestroni, F.
Nonlinear waves in pantographic beams induced by transverse impulses 1-gen-2022 Turco, E.; Barchiesi, E.; Ciallella, A.; Dell'Isola, F.
Nonlinearity and chaos in the dynamics of hanging cables 1-gen-1996 Rega, R; Benedettini, F; Alaggio, Rocco; Salvatori, Antonello
Nonlocal damage propagation in the dynamics of masonry elements 1-gen-2015 Toti, J; Gattulli, Vincenzo; Sacco, E.
Nonstationary nonplanar free motio ns of an orbiting string with multiple internal resonances 1-gen-1996 DI EGIDIO, Angelo; Luongo, Angelo; Vestroni, F.
Nonstructural damage of infilled RC frames designed to Eurocode 1-gen-2009 Colangelo, Felice
Normal form reduction for multiple-zero eigenvalues using fractional scale 1-gen-2008 Mailybaev, A. A.; Luongo, Angelo
Mostrati risultati da 3.293 a 3.312 di 5.292
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