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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
The sustainable building code as tool of management and protectio of the rural areas of Abruzzo : a case study 1-gen-2009 DE BERARDINIS, Pierluigi; Rotilio, M.
The Sustainable Recovery Intervention 1-gen-2004 DI GIOVANNI, Gianni
The tanks of the water supply net in Provincia di Udine-Italy: dynamical tests, modal identification and numerical models 1-gen-2013 Morassi, A.; Benedettini, F.; Dilena, M.; Alaggio, Rocco
The temple of S. M. del Tricalle in Chieti: chemical-physical analysis, structural behaviour and vibration monitoring 1-gen-1995 Salvatori, Antonello; Quaresima, Raimondo; Scoccia, Giancarlo
The Toolkit for Neighborhood Diversity in Thailand in an Era of Super-diversity In corso di stampa Rizzi, P; Huyakorn, P
The unusual badlands of Abruzzi (central Italy) coastal landscape formed on Pliocene silty clay material: a preliminary report 1-gen-2001 Magaldi, D; Giamberardino, A; Sciarra, N; Tallini, Marco
The urban transformation of Italy's Adriatic coastal strip: fifty years of unsustainability 1-gen-2014 Romano, Bernardino; Zullo, Francesco
The use of experimental tests in the formulation of analytical models for the finite forced dynamics of planar arches 1-gen-2001 Alaggio, Rocco; Benedettini, F.
The use of GPS database in control networks 1-gen-1995 Radicioni, F; Stoppini, A; Dominici, Donatella; Uniguendoli, M.
The use of residual muds mixed with a granular soil for the construction of road embankments 1-gen-2007 Colagrande, Sandro
the use of software focused on the analysis and simulation of complex systems to plan and create Gaming Simulations 1-gen-2004 Rizzi, P
The Valle Castellana Twin Arch Bridge: Dynamical Tests, Identification, Seismic Performances 1-gen-2012 Alaggio, Rocco; Benedettini, Francesco; Dilena, M; Morassi, A.
Theoretical and Experimental Finite Forced Motions of a Thin Walled, Cantilever Beam: Dynamic Instability and Modal Coupling 1-gen-1999 Benedettini, F; DI EGIDIO, Angelo
Theoretical derivation of the conservation equations for single phase flow in porous media: a continuum approach 1-gen-2014 DI NUCCI, Carmine
Theoretical mechanical properties of strands and cables made of wound carbon nanotube fibers 1-gen-2022 Migliaccio, G.; Desroches, R.; Royer Carfagni, G.
Theory and computation of higher gradient elasticity theories based on action principles 1-gen-2017 Abali, B. Emek; Müller, Wolfgang H.; Dell’Isola, Francesco
Theory of Effective Stress in Soil and Rock and Implications for Fracturing Processes: A Review 1-gen-2021 Guerriero, Vincenzo; Mazzoli, Stefano
Thermal behavior of different concrete mixtures with pozzolanic additions 1-gen-2014 Surico, Francesco; Longhi, Federico; Gregori, Amedeo; Marino, Roberto
Thermal behaviour of concrete mixtures with different pozzolanic additions 1-gen-2011 Gregori, Amedeo; Surico, F; Marino, R; Longhi, F.
Mostrati risultati da 4.896 a 4.915 di 5.292
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