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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Job performance and intention to stay at work in the experience of employees with chronic illnesses 1-gen-2018 Innocenti, L.; Profili, S.; Sammarra, A.
Joinability of different thermoplastic polymers with aluminium sheets by mechanical clinching 1-gen-2015 Lambiase, Francesco
Joining Aluminium Alloys with Reduced Ductility by Mechanical Clinching 1-gen-2015 Lambiase, Francesco; DI ILIO, Antoniomaria; Paoletti, Alfonso
Joining Aluminum with Titanium alloy sheets by mechanical clinching 1-gen-2018 Lambiase, Francesco; Di Ilio, Antoniomaria
Judicial Branch, checks and balances and political accountability 1-gen-2003 Fiorino, Nadia; Fabio, Padovano; Grazia, Sgarra
Jump Processes under Partial Observations: Finite State Approximation 1-gen-2002 Gerardi, A; Tardelli, Paola
Kaempferol, a powerful antioxidant from Crocus Sativus L. flowers: an in vitro study 1-gen-2014 Keti, Zeka; Ruparelia, Ketan C.; Randolph RJ Arroo, ; Bernardi, Sara; Pajewski, Leonardo; Veglio', Francesco; Continenza, Maria Adelaide
Kalman Filter for Short-Term Load Forecasting: an Hourly Predictor for Municipal Load 1-gen-2007 Falvo, M. C.; Gastaldi, Massimo; Nardecchia, A. M.; Prudenzi, Alberto
Key-study on the kinetic aspects of the in-situ NHase/AMase cascade system of M. imperiale resting cells for nitrile bioconversion. 1-gen-2014 Cantarella, L.; Pasquarelli, F.; Spera, A.; Martínková, L; Cantarella, Maria
Kinetic analysis of Kluyveromyces lactis fermentation on whey: batch and fed-batch operations 1-gen-2001 Barba, D; Beolchini, F; DEL RE, Giovanni; DI GIACOMO, Gabriele; Veglio', Francesco
Kinetic and reaction mechanisms of calcium bisulfite catalytic oxidation 1-gen-2001 Lancia, Musmarra; Prisciandaro, Marina
Kinetic and reaction mechanisms of calcium bisulfite catalytic oxidation 1-gen-2005 D., Karatza; Prisciandaro, Marina; A., Lancia; D., Musmarra
Kinetic behaviour of acid phosphatase albumin co-polymers in homogeneous phase and under gel immobilized conditions Biochem. J., 179, 15-20 (1979) 1-gen-1979 Cantarella, Maria; Remy, M. H.; SCARDI V., AND ALFANI F; Iorio, G; GRECO G., Jr
Kinetic behaviour of immobilized enzyme membrane reactors 1-gen-1979 Alfani, F; Iorio, G; GRECO G., Jr; Cantarella, Maria; Remy, M. H.; Scardi, V.
Kinetic Characterization of Tar Reforming on Commercial Ni-Catalyst Pellets Used for In Situ Syngas Cleaning in Biomass Gasification: Experiments and Simulations under Process Conditions 1-gen-2021 Di Giuliano, Andrea; Foscolo, Pier Ugo; Di Carlo, Andrea; Steele, Andrew; Gallucci, Katia
Kinetic modelling of copper biosorption by immobilised biomass, 1-gen-1998 Veglio', Francesco; Beolchini, F; Toro, L.
Kinetic modelling of pyrrhotite ore leaching by ferric iron and related statistical analysis 1-gen-1999 Beolchini, F; Veglio', Francesco
Kinetic properties of gel-immobilized acid-phophatase in a tubular membrane reactor 1-gen-1981 Alfani, F; Albanesi, D; Cantarella, Maria; Scardi, V.
Kinetic studies of polymers bearing grafted enzymes in solution and gelified as a membrane 1-gen-1978 Wetzer, J; Cantarella, Maria
Mostrati risultati da 4.671 a 4.690 di 9.411
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