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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Wavelet Filtering Technique applied to UWB Radar for the Detection of Targets Embedded Inside a Dispersive Multi-Layered Medium 1-gen-2008 Buccella, Concettina; DE SANTIS, Valerio; Feliziani, Mauro
Wavelet packet-based EMI signal processing and source identification 1-gen-2001 Antonini, Giulio; Orlandi, Antonio
Weakly undular hydraulic jump: effects of friction 1-gen-2011 DI NUCCI, Carmine; RUSSO SPENA, Aniello
Web 2.0 Applications: Model-Driven Tools and Design 1-gen-2010 Paolone, G; Liguori, G; Cestra, G; Clementini, Eliseo
Web 2.0 Applications: Model-Driven Tools and Design 1-gen-2009 Paolone, G; Liguori, G; Cestra, G; Clementini, Eliseo
WEEE characterization, division, and regulation 1-gen-2018 Birloaga, I.; Veglio, F.
WEEE generation and the consequences of its improper disposal 1-gen-2018 Adeola, F. O.; Birloaga, I.
The weight and role played by listed companies: A discrepancy between statistical and structural indicators 1-gen-2021 Biggiero, Lucio; Magnuszewski, Robert
Welding process of stainless steel sheets with high power diode laser 1-gen-2008 DI ILIO, Antoniomaria; Paoletti, Alfonso
What Can 5G Do for Public Safety? Structural Health Monitoring and Earthquake Early Warning Scenarios 1-gen-2022 Franchi, F.; Marotta, A.; Rinaldi, C.; Graziosi, F.; Fratocchi, L.; Parisse, M.
What can we learn about reshoring after Covid-19? 1-gen-2020 Barbieri, P.; Boffelli, A.; Elia, S.; Fratocchi, L.; Kalchschmidt, M.; Samson, D.
What do panel data say on inequality and GDP? New evidence at US state-level 1-gen-2018 Costantini, Mauro; Paradiso, Antonio
What do we know about manufacturing reshoring 1-gen-2018 Barbieri, Paolo; Ciabuschi, Franceso; Fratocchi, Luciano; Vignoli, Matteo
What happens after offshoring? A comprehensive framework 1-gen-2019 Bettiol, M.; Chiarvesio, M.; Di Maria, E.; Di Stefano, C.; Fratocchi, L.
What Kind of Leaders Will Generation Z Want? An Exploratory Study of Preferred Leadership Styles Among the Next Generation of Employees in Italy 1-gen-2020 Sammarra, Alessia; Profilo, Silvia
What uncertainty does to euro area sovereign bond markets: Flight to safety and flight to quality 1-gen-2022 Costantini, Mauro; Sousa, Ricardo M.
Wheel Topography Evaluation During the Grinding of SiC Reinforced Aluminium Alloy 1-gen-1995 DI ILIO, Antoniomaria; Paoletti, Alfonso
When does the manufacturing reshoring strategy create value? 1-gen-2022 Karatzas, Antonios; Ancarani, Alessandro; Fratocchi, Luciano; Di Stefano, Cristina; Godsell, Janet
When is age dissimilarity harmful for organisational identification? The moderating role of age stereotypes and perceived age-related treatment 1-gen-2021 Sammarra, Alessia; Profili, Silvia; Peccei, Riccardo; Innocenti, Laura
When Manufacturing Moves Back: Concepts and Questions 1-gen-2014 Fratocchi, Luciano; Di Mauro, Carmela; Zanoni, Andrea; Nassimbeni, Guido; Barbieri, Paolo
Mostrati risultati da 9.314 a 9.333 di 9.405
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