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Theoretical-Computational Modeling of Gas-State Thermodynamics in Flexible Molecular Systems: Ionic Liquids in the Gas Phase as a Case Study 1-gen-2022 Amadei, A.; Ciccioli, A.; Filippi, A.; Fraschetti, C.; Aschi, M.
Theoretical-computational modeling of photo-induced charge separation spectra and charge recombination kinetics in solution. 1-gen-2014 Piacente, G; Amadei, A; D'Abramo, M; Daidone, Isabella; Aschi, Massimiliano
Theoretical-computational modeling of quantum vibrational states of polyatomic systems in complex environment 1-gen-2010 Aschi, Massimiliano; A., Amadei
Theoretical-computational modelling of infrared spectra in peptides and proteins: a new frontier for combined theoretical-experimental investigations 1-gen-2010 Amadei, A; Daidone, Isabella; Di Nola, A; Aschi, Massimiliano
Theoretical-computational modelling of the vibrational relaxation of small inorganic species in condensed phase 1-gen-2022 Amadei, A.; Aschi, M.
Theoretical–Computational Modeling of CD Spectra of Aqueous Monosaccharides by Means of Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Perturbed Matrix Method 1-gen-2023 Aschi, M.; Palombi, L.; Amadei, A.
Theory of chemical fluctuations in thermal explosions 1-gen-1985 Mecozzi, Antonio; DE PASQUALE, F.
Theory of coherent-oscillations generation in terahertz pump-probe spectroscopy: from phonons to electronic collective modes 1-gen-2019 Udina, Mattia; Cea, Tommaso; Benfatto, Lara
Theory of Finite Size Effects for Electronic Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations of Liquids and Solids 1-gen-2016 Holzmann, Markus; Iii, Raymond C. Clay; Morales, Miguel A.; Tubman, Norm M.; Ceperley, D. M.; Pierleoni, Carlo
Theory of graphene saturable absorption 1-gen-2017 Marini, Andrea; Cox, J. D.; García De Abajo, F. J.
Theory of heterodyne pump-probe experiments with femtosecond pulses 1-gen-1996 Mecozzi, Antonio; Mørk, J.
Theory of muon spin relaxation due to the hopping of positive muons in ferromagnets 1-gen-1982 Seeger, A; Monachesi, Patrizia
Theory of non-degenerate four-wave mixing between pulses in a semiconductor waveguide 1-gen-1997 Mørk, J.; Mecozzi, Antonio
Theory of optical amplifier chains 1-gen-1998 Mecozzi, Antonio; Marcenac, D.
Theory of polarization mode dispersion with linear birefringence 1-gen-2008 Mecozzi, Antonio
Theory of Raman and Brillouin scattering in disordered solids 1-gen-1992 Benassi, Paola; P., Gallo; G., Ruocco; G., Signorelli; V., Mazzacurati
Theory of spoof magnetic localized surface plasmons beyond effective medium approximations 1-gen-2021 Rizza, Carlo; Galante, Angelo; Palange, Elia; Alecci, Marcello
Theory Of Sub-poissonian Optical Solitons 1-gen-1997 Mecozzi, Antonio; Kumar, P.
Theory of the effect of geomagnetic field on plug-and-play schemes for fiber-based quantum key distribution 1-gen-2008 Mecozzi, Antonio; Antonelli, Cristian; Brodsky, M.
Mostrati risultati da 5.969 a 5.988 di 6.432
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