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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Numerical analysis of heterogeneous mathematical model of elastic body with thin inclusion by combined BEM and FEM 1-gen-2019 Dyyak, I. I.; Rubino, B.; Savula, Ya. H.; Styahar, A. O.
Numerical analysis of IEEE Project 1597.1 validation problems 1-gen-2006 Antonini, Giulio; Italiani, Marco; Orlandi, Antonio
Numerical analysis of marine propellers low frequency noise during maneuvering 1-gen-2020 Dubbioso, Giulio; Muscari, Roberto; Ortolani, Fabrizio; Di Mascio, Andrea
Numerical analysis of marine propellers low frequency noise during maneuvering. Part II: Passive and active noise control strategies 1-gen-2022 Dubbioso, G.; Muscari, R.; Ortolani, F.; Di Mascio, A.
Numerical Analysis of the Nested Birdcage RF Coil Configuration for 1H/23Na MRI at 2.35T and Workbench Validation 1-gen-2017 Fantasia, M.; Galante, A.; Retico, A.; Alecci, M.
Numerical analysis of timber log-haus walls with steel dovetail reinforcements under in-plane seismic loads. 1-gen-2017 Bedon, C.; Fragiacomo, M.
Numerical analysis of timber-to-timber joints and composite beams with inclined self-tapping screws 1-gen-2019 Bedon, C.; Fragiacomo, M.
Numerical and analytical assessment of the buckling behaviour of Blockhaus log-walls under in-plane compression 1-gen-2015 Bedon, C; Fragiacomo, Massimo
Numerical and Analytical Modelling of the Full Frequency Spectrum of TEM resonators and Comparison with Workench Results 1-gen-2006 A., Vitacolonna; T., Mazza; Placidi, Giuseppe; M., Alfonsetti; A., Sotgiu; P., Jezzard; Alecci, Marcello
Numerical and experimental analyses for natural and non-natural impacted composites via thermographic inspection, ultrasonic C-scan and terahertz imaging 1-gen-2017 Zhang, Hai; Sfarra, Stefano; Genest, Marc; Sarasini, Fabrizio; Perilli, Stefano; Fernandes, Henrique; Fleuret, Julien; Maldague, Xavier
Numerical and Experimental Analyses of the Structural Behaviour of Braided Composite Materials 1-gen-1998 E., D'Amato; Durante, Francesco; G., Fedele
Numerical and experimental analysis for flaw detection in composite structures of wind turbine blades using active infrared thermography 1-gen-2023 Figueiredo, Alisson A. A.; D’Alessandro, Giampaolo; Perilli, Stefano; Sfarra, Stefano; Fernandes, Henrique
Numerical and experimental analysis of the thermoforming process parameters of semi-spherical glass fibre thermoplastic parts 1-gen-2021 Stamopoulos, A.; Di Ilio, A.
"Numerical and experimental evaluation of the temperature distribution within laminated veneer lumber (LVL) members exposed to fire" 1-gen-2010 Fragiacomo, Massimo; Menis, A; Moss, P; Buchanan, A; Clemente, I.
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of an Impinging Gasoline Low Pressare Spray 1-gen-2001 DE VITA, Angelo; DI ANGELO, Luca; Rotondi, R.
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Process Parameters Effect of Low Carbon Steel Wire Produced with Roll Drawing Process 1-gen-2011 Lambiase, Francesco; DI ILIO, Antoniomaria
Numerical and Experimental Study of GDI Sprays: Part I – Experimental Setup and Results 1-gen-2002 Allocca, L; DE VITA, Angelo; DI ANGELO, Luca
Numerical and Experimental Study of GDI Sprays: Part II – numerical tool and results 1-gen-2002 Allocca, L; DE VITA, Angelo; DI ANGELO, Luca
A numerical and experimental study on the hydrodynamic of a catamaran varying the demihull separation 1-gen-2011 Zaghi, S.; Broglia, R.; Di Mascio, A.
Mostrati risultati da 39.952 a 39.971 di 63.504
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