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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
On the selection of design methodology for shell-and-tube heat exchangers optimization problems 1-gen-2022 Caputo, A. C.; Federici, A.; Pelagagge, P. M.; Salini, P.
On the Self-Regulation of Free-Piston Stirling Engines: Comparison of Theoretical and Experimental Results 1-gen-1993 Benvenuto, G; DE MONTE, Filippo
On the sensitivity characteristics in novel automatic Wheatstone bridge-based interfaces 1-gen-2012 P., Mantenuto; DE MARCELLIS, Andrea; Ferri, Giuseppe
On the Sequential Price of Anarchy of Isolation Games 1-gen-2013 A., Angelucci; V., Bilo'; Flammini, Michele; L., Moscardelli
On the sequential price of anarchy of isolation games. 1-gen-2015 A., Angelucci; V., Bilò; Flammini, Michele; L., Moscardelli
On the serviceability limit state verification of propped and unpropped steel-concrete composite beams with deformable connection 1-gen-2002 Amadio, C; Fragiacomo, Massimo; Macorini, L; Urizio, M.
On the SeVAMH survey protocol for safety and safeguard of artistic assets. Overview and validation at the Monumental complex of Santa Chiara in Naples. 1-gen-2021 Marra, A.; Fabbrocino, G.
On the shape of the dynamic structure factor in glasses 1-gen-1999 Benassi, Paola; V., Mazzacurati; M., Sampoli
On the signature of tensile blobs in the scattering function of a stretched polymer 1-gen-1997 Pierleoni, Carlo; Arialdi, G.; Ryckaert, J. P.
On the social dimensions of architectural decisions 1-gen-2015 Muccini, Henry; Tamburri, Damian A.; Smrithi Rekha, V.
On the solution of un steady heat transfer problems in ICE 1-gen-1993 Cipollone, Roberto
On the Solution of Unsteady Heat Transfer Problems in Ice 1-gen-1993 Anatone, M.; Cipollone, Roberto
On the source of the anomalous June 23, 2020 ULF waves detected at both ground and satellite data 1-gen-2022 Piersanti, M.; Di Matteo, S.; Zhima, Z.; Yang, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Marcucci, M. F.; Parmentier, A.; D’Angelo, G.; Recchiuti, D.; Diego, P.; Ubertini, P.
On the spatially resolved electronic structure of polycrystalline WO3 films investigated with scanning tunneling spectroscopy 1-gen-2001 Ottaviano, L; Lozzi, Luca; Passacantando, Maurizio; Santucci, Sandro
On the spectral gap of Kawasaki dynamics under a mixing condition revisited 1-gen-2000 Cancrini, Nicoletta; Martinelli, F.
On the spectrum of certain systems of linear evolution equations 1-gen-1986 Engel, KLAUS JOCHEN OTTO
On the Stability Number of the Edge Intersection of Two Graphs 1-gen-2002 Arbib, Claudio; A., Caprara
On the Stability of Approximation for Hamiltonian Path Problems 1-gen-2006 Forlizzi, Luca; J., Hromkovic; Proietti, Guido; S., Seibert
On the stability of approximation for Hamiltonian path problems 1-gen-2005 J., Hromkovic; Forlizzi, Luca; Proietti, Guido; S., Seibert
On the stability of coupled delay differential and continuous time difference equations 1-gen-2003 Pepe, Pierdomenico; E. I., Verriest
Mostrati risultati da 39.601 a 39.620 di 60.973
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