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[Mindfulness attitude, emotions and forgiveness in adolescence: a correlational research], file e2188bfb-0a18-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 26
Psychological aspects of Revenge Porn phenomena: clinical perspective, file e2188bfb-d1f0-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 14
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Emotional “Patient-Oriented” Support in Young Patients With I–II Stage Breast Cancer: Pilot Study, file e2188bfa-83ab-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 7
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The silent reading supported by adaptive learning technology: Influence in the children outcomes, file e2188bfa-882d-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Lifestyle, body mass index and wellness in youth: Strengthens and weakness in Italian youth, file e2188bfa-b393-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
An Integrated Approach for a New Pattern in Pediatric Primary Care: Interaction Mediation for Active and Efficient Medical Consultations, file e2188bfa-fef3-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Cognitive Reserve and Digital Confidence among Older Adults as New Paradigm for Resilient Aging, file e2188bfb-2e1d-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Digital learning as enhanced learning processing? Cognitive evidence for new insight of smart learning, file e2188bfb-7830-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Impact of dance therapy on children with specific learning disability: a two arm cluster randomized control study on Italian sample, file e2188bfb-7fad-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
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Word-Stem Completinon Task to Investigate Semantic Network In Patients with Alzheimer Disease, file e2188bf9-2268-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
The Pedagogical Evaluation of TERENCE: Preliminary Results for Hearing Learners in Italy, file e2188bf9-2a50-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
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Creativity and dementia: a review, file e2188bf9-3204-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
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Semantic associative relations and conceptual processing, file e2188bf9-3579-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
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The silent reading supported by adaptive learning technology: Influence in the children outcomes, file e2188bfa-7e6c-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Emotional pattern and body perception: cross-sectional study on risk factors for health management in young women, file e2188bfa-da71-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
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Role of Metacognition Thinking and Psychological Traits in Breast Cancer Survivorship, file e2188bfb-04d6-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Predictive risk factors for post-traumatic stress symptoms among nurses during the Italian acute COVID-19 outbreak, file e2188bfb-0f0b-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Allostatic Load as an Insight into the Psychological Burden after Primary Treatment in Women with Breast Cancer: Influence of Physical Side Effects and Pain Perception, file e2188bfb-e0d7-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
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