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Nucleolin antagonist triggers autophagic cell death in human glioblastoma primary cells and decreased in vivo tumor growth in orthotopic brain tumor model, file e2188bfa-2550-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 28
Neuroprotective effects of human amniotic fluid stem cells-derived secretome in an ischemia/reperfusion model, file e2188bfb-0bf3-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 24
NOS2 expression in glioma cell lines and glioma primary cell cultures: correlation with neurosphere generation and SOX-2 expression, file e2188bf9-f423-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 21
DF2726A, a new IL-8 signalling inhibitor, is able to counteract chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain, file e2188bfa-bb41-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 20
Probiotic DSF counteracts chemotherapy induced neuropathic pain, file e2188bfa-7057-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 19
EV20-Sap, a novel anti-HER-3 antibody-drug conjugate, displays promising antitumor activity in melanoma, file e2188bfb-4b65-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 19
APTAMER-DRIVEN TOXIN GENE DELIVERY IN U87 MODEL GLIOBLASTOMA CELLS, file e2188bfb-87cd-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 19
Pparα-selective antagonist gw6471 inhibits cell growth in breast cancer stem cells inducing energy imbalance and metabolic stress, file e2188bfb-30be-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 18
Soluble Fraction from Lysate of a High Concentration Multi-Strain Probiotic Formulation Inhibits TGF-β1-Induced Intestinal Fibrosis on CCD-18Co Cells, file e2188bfb-5471-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 18
S-Carboxymethyl Cysteine Protects against Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Impairment in a Parkinson's Disease In Vitro Model, file e2188bfb-c6c4-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 18
Olive leaf extract impairs mitochondria by pro-oxidant activity in MDA-MB-231 and OVCAR-3 cancer cells, file e2188bfb-108c-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 17
Taking Advantage of the Morpheein Behavior of Peroxiredoxin in Bionanotechnology, file e2188bfb-1e3a-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 17
N6L pseudopeptide interferes with nucleophosmin protein-protein interactions and sensitizes leukemic cells to chemotherapy., file e2188bfb-7071-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 17
An Update on Graphene-Based Nanomaterials for Neural Growth and Central Nervous System Regeneration, file e2188bfb-c6c6-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 17
Effects of diclofenac on the swimming behavior and antioxidant enzyme activities of the freshwater interstitial crustacean Bryocamptus pygmaeus (Crustacea, Harpacticoida), file e2188bfb-98c2-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 16
Secreted Gal-3BP is a novel promising target for non-internalizing Antibody–Drug Conjugates, file e2188bfa-8b7e-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 15
Neuronal Cells Rearrangement During Aging and Neurodegenerative Disease: Metabolism, Oxidative Stress and Organelles Dynamic, file e2188bfa-b726-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 15
Theranostic Nanomedicine for Malignant Gliomas, file e2188bfa-c3da-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 15
Effects of the probiotic formulation SLAB51 in in vitro and in vivo Parkinson's disease models, file e2188bfa-e0ee-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 15
A State-of-the-Art of Functional Scaffolds for 3D Nervous Tissue Regeneration, file e2188bfb-8482-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 15
L-Methionine Protects against Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in an In Vitro Model of Parkinson's Disease, file e2188bfb-c6c3-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 15
MicroRNAs Expression in Response to rhNGF in Epithelial Corneal Cells: Focus on Neurotrophin Signaling Pathway, file e2188bfb-dccf-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 15
Energy metabolism in glioblastoma stem cells: PPARα a metabolic adaptor to intratumoral microenvironment, file e2188bfa-37c1-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 14
The Basal Ganglia: More than just a switching device, file e2188bfa-b796-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 14
The great escape: The power of cancer stem cells to evade programmed cell death, file e2188bfb-abec-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 14
Cxcr1/2 inhibitor ladarixin ameliorates the insulin resistance of 3t3-l1 adipocytes by inhibiting inflammation and improving insulin signaling, file e2188bfb-dd88-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 14
PPARγ-dependent effects of conjugated linoleic acid on a human glioblastoma cell line (ADF), file e2188bfa-77ee-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 13
Roles of PPAR transcription factors in the energetic metabolic switch occurring during adult neurogenesis, file e2188bfa-c445-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 13
Autocrine CXCL8-dependent invasiveness triggers modulation of actin cytoskeletal network and cell dynamics, file e2188bfb-13ab-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 13
Benefits under the Sea: The Role of Marine Compounds in Neurodegenerative Disorders, file e2188bfb-7faf-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 13
An experimental approach to study the effects of realistic environmental mixture of Linuron and propamocarb on Zebrafish synaptogenesis, file e2188bfb-ca37-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 13
Inhibition of de novo ceramide biosynthesis affects aging phenotype in an in vitro model of neuronal senescence, file e2188bfa-bb6a-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 12
The emerging role of probiotics in neurodegenerative diseases: New hope for Parkinson's disease?, file e2188bfb-0820-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 11
PPARγ-dependent effects of conjugated linoleic acid on a human glioblastoma cell line (ADF), file e2188bfa-77ed-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 8
PPARα Antagonist AA452 Triggers Metabolic Reprogramming and Increases Sensitivity to Radiation Therapy in Human Glioblastoma Primary Cells, file e2188bf9-d627-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 7
The involvement of PPARs in the peculiar energetic metabolism of tumor cells, file e2188bfa-7059-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 6
Flavopiridol: An old drug with new perspectives? Implication for development of new drugs., file e2188bf9-b6a0-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 4
VSL#3 Probiotic Differently Influence IEC-6 Intestinal Epithelial Cell Status and Function, file e2188bfb-3921-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 4
Modulating Intrafollicular Hormonal Milieu in Controlled Ovarian Stimulation: Insights From PPAR Expression in Human Granulosa Cells, file e2188bf9-1afd-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
NMR Spectroscopy of Lipid Content Correlates with Biochemical and Biomolecular Profiles of Human Glioma at Different Grade of Malignancy, file e2188bf9-210b-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
Metal-induced self-assembly of peroxiredoxin as a tool for sorting ultrasmall gold nanoparticles into one-dimensional clusters, file e2188bf9-7967-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
Biocompatibility of composites based on chitosan, apatite and graphene oxide for tissue applications, file e2188bfa-6e59-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
A ring-shaped protein clusters gold nanoparticles acting as molecular scaffold for plasmonic surfaces, file e2188bfa-e486-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
Therapeutic potential of saffron in brain disorders: From bench to bedside, file 08e02021-bbb3-47b2-9834-e049ed7bcf9a 2
Cerium oxide nanoparticles trigger neuronal survival in a human Alzheimer disease model by modulating BDNF pathway, file e2188bf9-031a-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
PDZ Domain in the Engineering and Production of a Saporin Chimeric Toxin as a tool for targeting cancer cells., file e2188bf9-0420-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
TNFalpha downregulates PPARdelta expression in oligodendrocyte progenitor cells: implications for demyelinating diseases, file e2188bf9-0e76-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Hypoxia modulation of Peroxisome-proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) in human glioblastoma stem cells. Implications for therapy., file e2188bf9-2e79-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Survival prognostic factors in patients with glioblastoma: our experience, file e2188bf9-2eee-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Energetic Metabolism in Glioblastoma Stem Cells: Effects of PPARalpha Antagonists, file e2188bf9-3c3f-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
A Biophysical Study of Lipid Droplets Accumulation in Human Brain Tumor Specimens, file e2188bf9-88e5-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Supramolecular self-assembly of graphene oxide and metal nanoparticles into stacked multilayers by means of a multitasking protein ring, file e2188bf9-b1aa-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Current and experimental therapeutics for Fabry disease, file 07edcb88-3232-476e-abd8-17507235c110 1
Inflammation-Independent Antinociceptive Effects of DF2755A, a CXCR1/2 Selective Inhibitor: A New Potential Therapeutic Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy Associated to Non-Ulcerative Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome, file 5eb5b0b6-77a8-4934-ba3c-1332aed329c9 1
PPARs in Human Neuroepithelial Tumors: PPAR Ligands as Anticancer Therapies for the Most Common Human Neuroepithelial Tumors, file e2188bf9-09e2-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Signal transduction pathways involved in pparß/δ-induced neuronal differentiation, file e2188bf9-0e84-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Hypoxia induces peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α (PPARα) and lipid metabolism peroxisomal enzymes in human glioblastoma cells., file e2188bf9-3474-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Glycosilated nucleolin as marker for human gliomas., file e2188bf9-392e-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
PPARβ/δ and γ in a rat model of Parkinson's disease: Possible involvement in PD symptoms, file e2188bf9-8272-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Neuroendocrine transdifferentiation induced by VPA is mediated by PPARgamma activation and confers resistance to antiblastic therapy in prostate carcinoma, file e2188bf9-8a01-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Neuronal response of peroxisomal and peroxisome-related proteins to chronic and acute Aß injury, file e2188bf9-9c7d-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Neuronal response of peroxisomal and peroxisome-related proteins to chronic and acute Aß injury, file e2188bf9-9c7e-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
A peroxiredoxin-based proteinaceous scaffold for the growth and differentiation of neuronal cells and tumour stem cells in the absence of prodifferentiation agents, file e2188bf9-bb52-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Scavenging system efficiency is crucial for cell resistance to ROS-mediated methylglyoxal injury, file e2188bf9-c090-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Fifty Hertz extremely low-frequency electromagnetic field causes changes in redox and differentiative status in neuroblastoma cells, file e2188bf9-c597-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Lipid metabolism impairment in human gliomas: expression of peroxisomal proteins in human gliomas at different degrees of malignancy, file e2188bfa-70e4-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
The pharmacological perturbation of brain zinc impairs BDNF-related signaling and the cognitive performances of young mice., file e2188bfa-bb6e-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
PPARs in Neurodegenerative and Neuroinflammatory Pathways, file e2188bfa-bdb5-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Local anesthetics counteract cell proliferation and migration of human triple-negative breast cancer and melanoma cells., file e2188bfa-e6cb-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Involvement of NOS2 activity on human glioma cell growth, clonogenic potential, and neurosphere generation, file e2188bfb-3721-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Immunophenotypic characterization of human glioblastoma stem cells: correlation with clinical outcome, file e2188bfb-3fd1-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Exenatide Reverts the High-Fat-Diet-Induced Impairment of BDNF Signaling and Inflammatory Response in an Animal Model of Alzheimer's Disease, file e2188bfb-4877-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
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