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From the experimental simulation to integrated non-destructive analysis by means of optical and infrared techniques: results compared, file e2188bf9-34ec-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
Non-destructive and micro-invasive testing techniques for characterizing materials, structures and restoration problems in mural paintings, file e2188bfa-15fb-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
NDT inspection of plastered mosaics by means of Transient Thermography and Holographic Interferometry, file e2188bf9-2df1-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
An innovative nondestructive perspective for the prediction of the effect of environmental aging on impacted composite materials, file e2188bfa-610d-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Solar loading thermography: Time-lapsed thermographic survey and advanced thermographic signal processing for the inspection of civil engineering and cultural heritage structures, file e2188bfa-63d2-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Evaluating Mitigation Effects of Urban Heat Islands in a Historical Small Center with the ENVI-Met® Climate Model, file e2188bfa-51dc-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
The thermophysical behaviour of cork supports doped with an innovative thermal insulation and protective coating: A numerical analysis based on in situ experimental data, file e2188bfa-55b1-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
A proposal of a new material for greenhouses on the basis of numerical, optical, thermal and mechanical approaches, file e2188bfa-5b16-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
U-value assessment by infrared thermography: A comparison of different calculation methods in a Guarded Hot Box, file e2188bfa-5b76-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Falling weight impacted glass and basalt fibre woven composites inspected using non-destructive techniques, file e2188bfa-6112-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Active thermography testing and data analysis for the state of conservation of panel paintings, file e2188bfa-63d0-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
A comparison between thermographic and flow-meter methods for the evaluation of thermal transmittance of different wall constructions, file e2188bfa-688c-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Combined experimental and computational approach for defect detection in precious walls built in indoor environments, file e2188bfa-d5bb-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Improving the detection of thermal bridges in buildings via on-site infrared thermography: The potentialities of innovative mathematical tools, file e2188bfa-d5f0-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
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