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Repeated hyperstimulation affects the ultrastructure of mouse fallopian tube epithelium, file e2188bfa-fbbc-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 5
The process of mineralisation in the development of human tooth, file e2188bfa-15e5-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 4
Histological Characterization of Sacco's Concentrated Growth Factors Membrane, file e2188bfa-1e96-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 4
Clinical management of fusion in primary mandibular incisors: a systematic literature review, file e2188bfb-06d9-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 4
Frequency and anatomical features of the mandibular lingual foramina: systematic review and meta-analysis, file e2188bfa-1774-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
Dorzalna površina jezika i halitoza: Morfološki aspekti, file e2188bfa-1988-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
Legal aspect updates in traumatology: an italian overview, file e2188bfa-1b41-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
Detection of hidden vertical root fracture by stereomicroscope, file e2188bfa-2197-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
Microscopic evaluation of tongue dorsum biofilm from halitosis patients: an ex vivo study using confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM), file e2188bfa-37cf-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
Scanning electron microscopy and microbiological approaches for the evaluation of salivary microorganisms behaviour on anatase titanium surfaces: In vitro study, file e2188bfa-5146-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
Rare case of inverted impacted canine in infra-orbitary position requiring surgical therapy on, file e2188bfa-b9f7-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
Combining culture and culture-independent methods reveals new microbial composition of halitosis patients' tongue biofilm, file e2188bfa-ee39-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
Evaluation of Effectiveness of Digital Technologies During Anatomy Learning in Nursing School, file e2188bfa-fc5a-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 3
Hydrogels with natural or chemical compunds: in vitro biocompatibility., file e2188bfa-1718-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Orthodontic brackets removal: morphological in vitro evaluation, file e2188bfa-36e0-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Mancozeb impairs the ultrastructure of mouse granulosa cells in a dose-dependent manner, file e2188bfa-52f7-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
PR340: Bio-morphological response of periodontal ligament fibroblasts to dentinal graft: an in vitro study, file e2188bfa-77bf-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Streptococcus spp. and Fusobacterium nucleatum in tongue dorsum biofilm from halitosis patients: a fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) and confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) study, file e2188bfa-a6f7-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Microbiological and SEM-EDS evaluation of titanium surfaces exposed to periodontal gel: In vitro study, file e2188bfa-a6f9-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
The effects of surgical preparation techniques and implant macro-geometry on primary stability: An in vitro study, file e2188bfa-b3f5-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Evaluation of Different Autologous Platelet Concentrate Biomaterials: Morphological and Biological Comparisons and Considerations, file e2188bfa-e49a-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
The effect of low and ultra-low oxygen tensions on mammalian embryo culture and development in experimental and clinical IVF, file e2188bfa-fcdc-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Morphological study of the labial grooves’ pattern in an Italian population, file e2188bfb-06d7-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Accuracy of the three elastomeric impression materials: an in vitro study, file e2188bfb-1762-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Erhöhung der Biofilmbildungsfähigkeit oraler Enterococcus faecalis-Isolate durch subinhibitorische Antibiotikakonzentrationen, file e2188bfb-179b-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Autologous Materials in Regenerative Dentistry: Harvested Bone, Platelet Concentrates and Dentin Derivates, file e2188bfb-17b3-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Dental education challenges during the covid-19 pandemic period in italy: Undergraduate student feedback, future perspectives, and the needs of teaching strategies for professional development, file e2188bfb-8460-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Morphological behavior of human periodontal ligament fibroblasts towards the exposition to dentinal derivates biomaterial., file e2188bfb-db4c-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Morphological and Biological Evaluations of Human Periodontal Ligament Fibroblasts in Contact with Different Bovine Bone Grafts Treated with Low-Temperature Deproteinisation Protocol, file e2188bfb-ee74-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 2
Anatomy in dentistry: From the beginnings to contemporary reality, file 40878040-08be-4a9b-9531-4525626bc231 1
Histological and histomorphometric evaluation of new bone formation after maxillary sinus augmentation with two different osteoconductive materials: A randomized, parallel, double-blind clinical trial, file 57902454-bf41-49e4-9607-e80ebe8944ee 1
Gross anatomy of dental root: experimental study, file e2188bf9-6f9e-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Cone beam computed tomography investigation of the antral artery anastomosis in a population of Central Italy, file e2188bfa-3841-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Anti-inflammatory steroid use in impacted third molar surgery: a systematic review, file e2188bfa-501f-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Student learning performance in human anatomy using a virtual dissection table, file e2188bfa-5d6f-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Antiresorptive drug-related osteonecrosis of the jaws, literature review and 5 years of experience, file e2188bfa-77bd-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Morphological study of the lips’ grooves in an Italian population in Abstracts from the 9th International Symposium of Clinical and Applied Anatomy (ISCAA), September 9-12, 2017 Innsbruck, Austria, file e2188bfa-7bd9-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Bio-morphological evaluation of periodontal ligament fibroblasts on mineralized dentin graft: an in vitro study, file e2188bfa-a6b8-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Scanning electron microscopy approach for evaluation of hair dyed with lawsonia inermis powder: In vitro study, file e2188bfa-b8fd-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Cervical injury related to mandibular fractures. A retrospective study of 315 cases, file e2188bfa-e195-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Soft tissue augmentation by means of silicon expanders prior to bone volume increase: a case series, file e2188bfa-e197-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Subinhibitory antibiotic concentrations enhance biofilm formation of clinical enterococcus faecalis isolates, file e2188bfb-9af0-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
SEM-EDX Analysis of Metal Particles Deposition from Surgical Burs after Implant Guided Surgery Procedures, file e2188bfb-cfda-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
Maxillary sinusitis caused by retained dental impression material: An unusual case report and literature review, file e2188bfb-f59a-f28d-e053-d805fe0ac2bb 1
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