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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
(Iper-)Tensioni & Equi-potenza 1-gen-2001 A., DI CARLO; Tatone, Amabile
IPv4 and IPv6 Troubleshooting Enhancement through Reverse Path Discovery 1-gen-2014 Valentini, F; Pratesi, Marco; Santucci, Fortunato; Ionta, T.
IPv4 Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks 1-gen-2012 Persia, S; Cassioli, Dajana
IRMPD spectroscopy and quantum chemistry calculations on mono- and bi-metallic complexes of acetylacetonate ligands with aluminum, iron, and ruthenium ions 1-gen-2020 Nieuwjaer, N.; Beydoun, A.; Lecomte, F.; Manil, B.; Cappelluti, F.; Guidoni, L.; Scuderi, D.; Desfrancois, C.
Irreducible collineation groups fixing an oval 1-gen-1999 Enea, Maria Rosaria; Bonisoli, A; Korchmaros, Gabor
Is a point-wise dissipation rate enough to show ISS for time-delay systems? 1-gen-2017 Chaillet, A.; Pepe, P.; Mason, P.; Chitour, Y.
Is a subspace containing a splitting subspace a splitting subspace? 1-gen-2008 Triacca, Umberto
Is Granger causality analysis appropriate to investigate the relationship between atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide and global surface air temperature? 1-gen-2005 Triacca, Umberto
Is macroscopic quantum coherence incompatible with macroscopic realism? 1-gen-1995 Chiatti, L; Cini, M; Serva, Maurizio
Is Really IoT Technology Gender Neutral? 1-gen-2020 Cassioli, Dajana; Di Marco, Antinisca; Di Mascio, Tania; Tarantino, Laura; Inverardi, Paola
Is switching systems stability harder for continuous time systems? 1-gen-2013 Protasov, Vladimir; Jungers, Raphaël M.
Is the Risk Behaviour Related to the Ordinary Driving Violations? 1-gen-2021 Piccardi, L.; Palmiero, M.; Guariglia, P.; Dacquino, C.; Cordellieri, P.; Giannini, A. M.
Is Type Checking Practical for System Configuration? 1-gen-1989 Inverardi, Paola; Simone, Martini; Carlo, Montangero
Is visual creativity embodied? Thinking aloud while performing the creative mental synthesis task 1-gen-2020 Palmiero, M.; Piccardi, L.
Ischemic nephropaty: The role of the renal artery stenosis revascularization on renal stem cells 1-gen-2021 Cianci, R.; Perrotta, A. M.; Gigante, A.; Errigo, F.; Ferri, C.; Cianci, E.; Simeoni, M.; Mazzaferro, S.; Lai, S.
Ischia Group Theory 2004 1-gen-2005 Arad, Z; Bianchi, M; Herfort, W; Longobardi, P; Maj, M; Scoppola, CARLO MARIA
Ischia group theory 2008. Proceedings of a conference held in Ischia (Naples), April 2-4, 2008 1-gen-2009 Mariagrazia, Bianchi; Patrizia, Longobardi; Mercede, Maj; Scoppola, CARLO MARIA
Ischia group theory 2010.Proceedings of a conference held in Ischia (Naples), April 14-17, 2010. 1-gen-2011 Bianchi, M; Longobardi, P; Maj, M; Scoppola, CARLO MARIA
Ischia Group Theory 2012 1-gen-2013 Bianchi, Mg; Longobardi, P; Maj, M; Scoppola, CARLO MARIA
Mostrati risultati da 3.429 a 3.448 di 7.456
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