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A machine learning examination of hydroxyl radical differences among model simulations for CCMI-1 1-gen-2020 Nicely, J. M.; Duncan, B. N.; Hanisco, T. F.; Wolfe, G. M.; Salawitch, R. J.; Deushi, M.; Haslerud, A. S.; Jockel, P.; Josse, B.; Kinnison, D. E.; Klekociuk, A.; Manyin, M. E.; Marecal, V.; Morgenstern, O.; Murray, L. T.; Myhre, G.; Oman, L. D.; Pitari, G.; Pozzer, A.; Quaglia, I.; Revell, L. E.; Rozanov, E.; Stenke, A.; Stone, K.; Strahan, S.; Tilmes, S.; Tost, H.; Westervelt, D. M.; Zeng, G.
Magnesium perchlorate as efficient Lewis acid for the Knoevenagel condensation between β-diketones and aldehydes 1-gen-2008 Bartoli, Giuseppe; Bosco, Marcella; Carlone, Armando; Dalpozzo, Renato; Galzerano, Patrizia; Melchiorre, Paolo; Sambri, Letizia
Magnesium perchlorate as efficient Lewis acid: A simple and convenient route to 1,4-dihydropyridines 1-gen-2007 Bartoli, Giuseppe; Babiuch, Krzysztof; Bosco, Marcella; Carlone, Armando; Galzerano, Patrizia; Melchiorre, Paolo; Sambri, Letizia
Magnetic and electronic transport percolation in epitaxial Ge1-xMnx films 1-gen-2005 Pinto, N; Morresi, L; Ficcadenti, M; Murri, R; D'Orazio, Franco; Lucari, F; Boarino, L; Amato, G.
Magnetic and lattice polaron in Holstein-$t$-$J$ model 1-gen-2002 Cappelluti, E; Ciuchi, Sergio
Magnetic and structural properties of Fe/Al multilayers 1-gen-2002 D'Orazio, Franco; G., Gubbiotti; F., Lucari; E., Tassoni
Magnetic and transport polaron percolation in diluted GeMn films 1-gen-2006 L., Morresi; N., Pinto; M., Ficcadenti; R., Murri; D'Orazio, Franco; F., Lucari
Magnetic anisotropy in epitaxial Cu/Ni/Cu/Si(111) ultrathin films studied by magneto-optical Kerr effect and Brillouin spectroscopy 1-gen-1998 G., Gubbiotti; G., Carlotti; D'Orazio, Franco; F., Lucari; R., Bernardini; M., DE CRESCENZI
Magnetic anisotropy in Ni–Si nanoparticle films produced by ultrashort pulsed laser deposition 1-gen-2008 V., Iannotti; G., Ausanio; C., Campana; D'Orazio, Franco; C., Hison; F., Lucari; L., Lanotte
Magnetic anomaly in UCN trapping: signal for neutron oscillations to parallel world? 1-gen-2012 Berejiani, Zourab; Nesti, F.
Magnetic behaviour during the first crystallisation stages in Co-B amorphous alloys: a test of the exchange penetration through interfaces 1-gen-1999 A., Hernando; A., Gonzalez; C., Ballesteros; A., Zern; D., Fiorani; F., Lucari; D'Orazio, Franco
Magnetic behaviour of g-Fe2O3 nanoparticles by Mössbauer spectroscopy and magnetic measurements 1-gen-1995 E., Tronc; P., Pren; J. P., Jolivet; D'Orazio, Franco; F., Lucari; D., Fiorani; M., Godinho; R., Cherkaoui; M., Nogus; J. L., Dormann
Magnetic characterization of ion implanted CoNi-SiO2 granular film. J. Magn. Magn. Mater. , (2002) 1-gen-2002 D'Orazio, Franco; F., Lucari; C., DE JULIAN FERNANDEZ; G., Mattei; S., LO RUSSO; C., Maurizio; P., Mazzoldi; C., Sangregorio; D., Gatteschi; F., Gonella; E., Cattaruzza; G., Battaglin; D., Fiorani
Magnetic coupling constants and vibrational frequencies by extended broken symmetry approach with hybrid functionals. 1-gen-2012 Bovi, D; Guidoni, Leonardo
Magnetic dipole fields at interstitial sites in disordered binary alloys of ferromagnetic crystals 1-gen-1980 Monachesi, Patrizia; Faehnle, M; Kronmueller, H.
Magnetic excitations in NpBi 1-gen-1997 Bourdarot, F; Bossy, J; Burlet, P; Fåk, B; Monachesi, Patrizia; Rebizant, J; Regnault, Lp; Spirlet, Jc; Vogt, O.
Magnetic field dependence of thermal excitations in Josephson junctions 1-gen-1997 Castellano, Mg; Torrioli, G; Cosmelli, C; Chiarello, F; Cirillo, M; Carelli, Pasquale; Rotoli, G.
Magnetic instabilities in Ce compounds: Effect of pressure and chemical composition 1-gen-1993 Monachesi, Patrizia; Continenza, Alessandra
Magnetic interactions in the catalyst used by nature to split water: a DFT plus U multiscale study on the Mn4CaO5 core in photosystem II 1-gen-2014 Bovi, Daniele; Narzi, Daniele; Guidoni, Leonardo
Mostrati risultati da 3.170 a 3.189 di 6.363
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