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Demonstration of Binding Induced Structural Plasticity in a SH2 Domain, file 02062f51-ab94-45f9-a4e9-4ac97afd7cce 1
Double mutant cycles as a tool to address folding, binding, and allostery, file 0de7cf36-6ad8-41d5-add1-7c03e22ba03e 1
Understanding Binding-Induced Folding by Temperature Jump, file 14ffef03-7fcf-46c2-9e73-797c3f183745 1
Bioenergetic relevance of hydrogen sulfide and the interplay between gasotransmitters at human cystathionine β-synthase, file 1f3a45a2-689d-4534-a46b-baac143e40a8 1
Targeting the interaction between the SH3 domain of Grb2 and Gab2, file 579224da-6215-4b2c-a9a8-e583de10b9d7 1
Determining folding and binding properties of the C-terminal SH2 domain of SHP2, file 5c2bf23e-3600-483c-bd1b-3dc432c4dacf 1
Comparing the binding properties of peptides mimicking the Envelope protein of SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 to the PDZ domain of the tight junction-associated PALS1 protein, file 814a7fbb-c281-4279-9564-f9635068865a 1
The presence of glutamate residues on the PAS sequence of the stimuli-sensitive nano-ferritin improves in vivo biodistribution and mitoxantrone encapsulation homogeneity, file 8ccbd51c-ad4d-460b-99ac-bae3688a03a0 1
Folding and misfolding of a PDZ tandem repeat, file 93d1b152-5dee-4ede-8d41-f29ce4973aaa 1
Probing the Effects of Local Frustration in the Folding of a Multidomain Protein, file 983f0608-86a5-42c1-8b22-aebf345ef487 1
Understanding the mechanism of recognition of gab2 by the N-SH2 domain of SHP2, file 99378e44-addf-43bc-b3b0-75a4b2eb6925 1
The effect of proline cis‐trans isomerization on the folding of the C‐terminal SH2 domain from p85, file ba1bf8f7-7ed4-414b-81a3-e44349dcdedf 1
A Clinically Relevant Variant of the Human Hydrogen Sulfide-Synthesizing Enzyme Cystathionine β -Synthase: Increased CO Reactivity as a Novel Molecular Mechanism of Pathogenicity?, file f8029a60-54fd-4249-a20d-71a7e51a69b6 1
Structural characterization of an on-pathway intermediate and transition state in the folding of the N-terminal SH2 domain from SHP2, file fbc2d430-b5aa-470b-9458-13036e02ec9c 1
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