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H 2 S metabolism in colon cancer cells: Effect of hypoxia 16
Folding and misfolding of a PDZ tandem repeat 9
A carboxylate to amide substitution that switches protein folds 7
On the Effects of Disordered Tails, Supertertiary Structure and Quinary Interactions on the Folding and Function of Protein Domains 7
SH2 Domains: Folding, Binding and Therapeutical Approaches 7
Double mutant cycles as a tool to address folding, binding, and allostery 6
Binding induced folding: Lessons from the kinetics of interaction between NTAIL and XD 6
Folding and Binding Mechanisms of the SH2 Domain from Crkl 6
Cryptic binding properties of a transient folding intermediate in a PDZ tandem repeat 5
Probing the Effects of Local Frustration in the Folding of a Multidomain Protein 5
Comparing the binding properties of peptides mimicking the Envelope protein of SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 to the PDZ domain of the tight junction-associated PALS1 protein 5
Demonstration of Binding Induced Structural Plasticity in a SH2 Domain 5
Characterization of early and late transition states of the folding pathway of a SH2 domain 5
Targeting PDZ domains as potential treatment for viral infections, neurodegeneration and cancer 5
Experimental characterization of the interaction between the n-terminal sh3 domain of crkl and c3g 5
Hydrogen sulfide oxidation: Adaptive changes in mitochondria of SW480 colorectal cancer cells upon exposure to hypoxia 5
Unveiling the molecular basis of the noonan syndrome-causing mutation T42A of SHP2 5
Unveiling induced folding of intrinsically disordered proteins – Protein engineering, frustration and emerging themes 4
Determining folding and binding properties of the C-terminal SH2 domain of SHP2 4
The presence of glutamate residues on the PAS sequence of the stimuli-sensitive nano-ferritin improves in vivo biodistribution and mitoxantrone encapsulation homogeneity 4
Targeting the interaction between the SH3 domain of Grb2 and Gab2 4
Mapping the allosteric network within a SH3 domain 3
Understanding the mechanism of recognition of gab2 by the N-SH2 domain of SHP2 3
N-methylated α-amino acids and peptides: synthesis and biological activity 3
A Clinically Relevant Variant of the Human Hydrogen Sulfide-Synthesizing Enzyme Cystathionine β -Synthase: Increased CO Reactivity as a Novel Molecular Mechanism of Pathogenicity? 3
Understanding the binding induced folding of intrinsically disordered proteins by protein engineering: caveats and pitfalls 3
Templated folding of intrinsically disordered proteins 3
Bioenergetic relevance of hydrogen sulfide and the interplay between gasotransmitters at human cystathionine β-synthase 3
Investigating the molecular basis of the aggregation propensity of the pathological D76N mutant of beta-2 microglobulin: Role of the denatured state 3
The kinetics of folding of the NSH2 domain from p85 2
N-acetylcysteine serves as substrate of 3-mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase and stimulates sulfide metabolism in colon cancer cells 2
Addressing the Binding Mechanism of the Meprin and TRAF-C Homology Domain of the Speckle-Type POZ Protein Using Protein Engineering 2
The effect of proline cis‐trans isomerization on the folding of the C‐terminal SH2 domain from p85 2
Structural characterization of an on-pathway intermediate and transition state in the folding of the N-terminal SH2 domain from SHP2 2
Understanding the molecular basis of folding cooperativity through a comparative analysis of a multidomain protein and its isolated domains 1
Characterization of the folding and binding properties of the PTB domain of FRS2 with phosphorylated and unphosphorylated ligands 1
An intramolecular energetic network regulates ligand recognition in a SH2 domain 1
Understanding Binding-Induced Folding by Temperature Jump 1
The Mechanism of Folding of Human Frataxin in Comparison to the Yeast Homologue – Broad Energy Barriers and the General Properties of the Transition State 1
Exploring the effect of tethered domains on the folding of Grb2 protein 1
Exploring the short linear motif-mediated protein-protein interactions of CrkL through ProP-PD 1
The binding selectivity of the C-terminal SH3 domain of Grb2, but not its folding pathway, is dictated by its contiguous SH2 domain 1
Biophysical Characterization of the Binding Mechanism between the MATH Domain of SPOP and Its Physiological Partners 1
Hidden kinetic traps in multidomain folding highlight the presence of a misfolded but functionally competent intermediate 1
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