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NA - Nord America 1766
EU - Europa 1117
AS - Asia 807
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 5
OC - Oceania 5
SA - Sud America 3
AF - Africa 1
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 1745
CN - Cina 415
TR - Turchia 302
SE - Svezia 218
IT - Italia 189
DE - Germania 187
UA - Ucraina 183
GB - Regno Unito 148
FR - Francia 83
FI - Finlandia 69
VN - Vietnam 57
IN - India 25
CA - Canada 21
BE - Belgio 19
AU - Australia 5
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 5
EU - Europa 5
CH - Svizzera 4
KR - Corea 4
PT - Portogallo 3
RU - Federazione Russa 3
NL - Olanda 2
PE - Perù 2
AE - Emirati Arabi Uniti 1
AL - Albania 1
CL - Cile 1
ID - Indonesia 1
IE - Irlanda 1
IR - Iran 1
MD - Moldavia 1
OM - Oman 1
SI - Slovenia 1
ZA - Sudafrica 1
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Jacksonville 748
Chandler 235
Izmir 168
Nanjing 133
San Mateo 112
Lawrence 100
Princeton 100
Wilmington 96
Ann Arbor 95
Dong Ket 54
L'aquila 46
Nanchang 45
Milan 31
Shenyang 29
Mountain View 25
Beijing 24
Woodbridge 23
Tianjin 21
Kunming 20
Verona 20
Jiaxing 19
Jinan 17
Brussels 16
Hangzhou 16
Seattle 16
Ottawa 14
Changsha 13
Dearborn 12
Hebei 11
Taizhou 11
Zhengzhou 11
Norwalk 10
Ningbo 8
Fremont 7
Redwood City 7
Rome 7
Duncan 6
Lanzhou 6
Wuhan 6
Auburn Hills 5
Genova 5
Paris 5
Guangzhou 4
Prague 4
San Francisco 4
Toronto 4
Ashburn 3
Düsseldorf 3
Falls Church 3
Fuzhou 3
Grosseto 3
Haikou 3
Hanoi 3
Helsinki 3
Melbourne 3
Shanghai 3
Worcester 3
Adliswil 2
Aprilia 2
Bruneck 2
Changchun 2
Grafing 2
Houston 2
Leuven 2
Lima 2
Los Angeles 2
Menlo Park 2
Trois-rivières 2
Andover 1
Atatürk 1
Birmingham 1
Calais 1
Campobasso 1
Canberra 1
Centurion 1
Chengdu 1
Chicago 1
Chisinau 1
Corropoli 1
Denver 1
Dubai 1
Frankfurt am Main 1
Hubbardston 1
Hyderabad 1
Jinocany 1
Kharagpur 1
Kharkov 1
Lachine 1
London 1
Lucca 1
Montesilvano 1
Mumbai 1
Muscat 1
New Delhi 1
Nocera Inferiore 1
Palo Alto 1
Qingdao 1
Redmond 1
Sakarya 1
San Casciano In Val Di Pesa 1
Totale 2456
Nome #
Analysis and Implementation of Distributed Data Processing in a Wireless Sensor Network for Structural Health Monitoring 82
Performance of Satellite Digital Transparent Processors through Equivalent Noise 77
Design of Digital Satellite Processors: from Communications Link Performance to Hardware Complexity 70
A true random number generator architecture based on a reduced number of FPGA primitives 67
Microstructure and electrical properties of Si-doped α-Fe2O3 humidity sensor 66
Cross-Sensitivity and stability of NO2 Sensors from WO3 Thin Film 64
A Methodology for Design of Scalable Architectures in Software Radio Networks: a Unified Device and Network Perspective 63
Design of Wireless Sensor Nodes for Structural Health Monitoring applications 62
Modeling and performance analysis of advanced detection architectures for ADS-B signals in high interference environments 61
A method for the determination of the thermally induced optical and structural changes of polymers used to fabricate lightpipes integrated in CMOS image sensor arrays 59
A 0.35μm CMOS UWB-Inspired Bidirectional Communication System-on-Chip for Transcutaneous Optical Biotelemetry Links 59
A 0.35μm CMOS 200kHz-2GHz Fully-Analogue Closed-Loop Circuit for Continuous-Time Clock Duty-Cycle Correction in Integrated Digital Systems 58
Very low voltage bipolar op-amp for sensor applications 52
Efficient FPGA implementation of a Digital Transparent Satellite Processor 52
Computing the hardware complexity of digital transparent satellite processors on the basis of performance requirements 51
Elettronica di interfaccia CMOS per sensori: Verso la bassa tensione 50
The influece of water vapour on carbon monoxide sensitivity of -Fe2O3 microporous ceramic sensors 49
Design of accurate analog circuits for low voltage low power CMOS systems 49
An Integrated Approach to the Design of Wireless Sensor Networks for Structural Health Monitoring 49
The Influence of water vapour on carbon monoxide sensitivity of α-Fe2O3 microporous ceramic sensor 49
A new numerical triangle showing links with Fibonacci numbers 47
Connectivity of pore networks in chemically sensitive materials 46
New ADC with Piecewise Linear Characteristic: Case Study- Implementation of a Smart Humidity Sensor 45
Silica effect on α-Fe2O3 Humidity Sensor 45
An Embedded System for Position and Speed Measurement Adopting Incremental Encoders 45
NO2 sensitivity of WO3 thin film obtained by high vacuum thermal evaporation 44
A pulsed coding technique based on optical UWB modulation for high data rate low power wireless implantable biotelemetry 44
A measurement system to evaluate Quantum Efficiency in CMOS Image Sensors 44
Principles and applications of ceramic humidity sensors. 43
Bipolar rail-to-rail constant-gm input stage for low voltage applications 43
NO2 sensing properties in the Fe2O3-WO3 system. 42
Microstructure and electrical properties of an alfa-hematite ceramic humidity sensor 41
A component-based architecture for protocol design and development in SDR frameworks 41
4-LOOP: 4-core Leon3 with Linux operating system, OpenMP library and hardware profiling system 41
Module and phase closed-form expressions for ladder network 40
An accelerometer digital front end for efficient seismic event detection support in a wireless sensor node 40
A New Optical UWB Modulation Technique for 250Mbps Wireless Link in Implantable Biotelemetry Systems 40
Niobium-doped -Fe2O3 semiconductor ceramic sensors for the measurement of nitric oxide gases 39
Hydrogen chloride detection by LiTaO3 39
DISIMAN: A Distributed SImulator for MANet in Software Defined Radio technology 39
Nb-doped -hematite bulk sensor for NOx detection. 39
A-LOOP - AMP system: 2-cores ARM Cortex A9/Linux OS and 4-cores Leon3/Linux OS, OpenMP library and Hardware Profiling system 39
Measurement System for Preliminary Characterization of Flash Memory Cells for Multilevel Applications 37
Calibration of ADCs with Advanced Architectures, Implementing a Piecewise Linear Characteristic 37
Waste water monitoring with quartz crystal sensor. 37
The influence of NO, NO2 and oxygen partial pressure on the electrical response of WO3 and Nb-doped WO3 Thin films obtained by High vacuum thermal evaporation 37
Distributed structural Monitoring for a Smart City in a seismic area 37
Design and validation of multi-core embedded systems under time-to-prototype and high performance constraints 37
Humidity sensitivity of α-Fe2O3 porous ceramic 36
Fibonacci numbers and ladder network impedance 36
Advanced ADC Architecture with Built-in Self Programming Logic 36
Microstructure and electrical properties of Si-doped -Fe2O3 humidity sensor 35
High-accuracy instrumentation amplifier for low voltage low power CMOS smart sensors 35
Performance and Hardware Complexity Trade-offs for Digital Transparent Processors in 5G Satcoms 35
Porous silica-coated α-Fe2O3 ceramics for humidity measurement at elevated temperature 35
Measurement set-up and preliminary results of flash memory cells characterisation for multilevel applications 34
Read-out electronics for IR microbolometers array with Smart features 34
Ossidi ceramici a film sottile per applicazioni sensoristiche. 34
Low concentration ammonia detection by LiTaO3 33
A Methodology to Design an Advanced Framework for Efficient Modelling and Testing of Manets 33
AIPHS: AdaptIve Profiling Hardware Sub-system 33
Niobium-doped α-hematite semiconductor ceramic sensor for the measurement of nitric oxide gases 32
The Performance Test of a Piece-Linear A/D Converter 32
Electrical properties of thick fìlrn silicon-doped -Fe2O3 humidíty sensor. 32
An analytical method for performance evaluation of digital transparent satellite processors 32
Software-defined satellite ranging measurements using laboratory signal analyzer 31
The Implementation of a Smart Sensor Based on a Piece-linear A/D Converter 31
A Nonlinear A/D Converter for Smart Sensor Applications 31
Hardware performance sniffers for embedded systems profiling 31
Modeling and evaluation of enhanced reception techniques for ADS-B signals in high interference environments 31
Design and Validation of a Wireless Sensor Node for Long Term Structural Health Monitoring 30
Design of a CMOS heather support for thin film gas sensor 30
A new low cost fingerprint recognition system on FPGA 30
Measurement station for multilevel flash memory cells testing 30
Portable Lock-In Amplifier-Based Optoelectronic Readout Circuit for High-Sensitivity Differential Measurements of Laser Pulse Energy Variations 30
F-OMP: A Feedback monitoring infrastructure for OpenMP on embedded systems 30
Low cost curvature correction of bandgap references for integrated sensors 29
Controlled growth and microstructural evolution of WO3 thin films on SiO2 and Si3N4 substrates 28
Performance Modeling, Design and FPGA-based Validation of Digital Transparent Satellite Processors 28
Electrtonic interface for accurate read-out of resistive sensors in low voltage-loe power integrated system 28
A Flexible Profiling Sub-System for Reconfigurable Logic Architectures 27
A design methodology for soft-core platforms on FPGA with SMP Linux, OpenMP support, and distributed hardware profiling system 27
A 300 Mbps 37 pJ/bit UWB-Based Transcutaneous Optical Biotelemetry Link 27
A 250Mbps 24pJ/bit UWB-inspired optical communication system for bioimplants 26
Enhancing an FPGA-Based SMP Embedded Platform with OpenMP Support and Unobtrusive System Monitor 25
FPGA-Based tactile sensory feedback system with optical fiber data communication link for prosthetic applications 25
Hardware Mechanisms to Support Profiling in Many-Core Embedded Systems 22
HW Mechanisms to Support Isolation in Mixed-Criticality NoC 21
Impulse-based asynchronous serial communication protocol on optical fiber link for AER systems 21
An FPGA-Based Architecture of True Random Number Generator for Network Security Applications 21
Photodiode bridge-based differential readout circuit for high-sensitivity measurements of energy variations of laser pulses for optoelectronic sensing systems 19
Live Demonstration: Tactile Sensory Feedback System based on UWB Optical Link for Prosthetics 17
An Ultra-Wideband-Inspired System-on-Chip for an Optical Bidirectional Transcutaneous Biotelemetry 16
A 1.8 V Low-Power Low-Noise High Tunable Gain TIA for CMOS Integrated Optoelectronic Biomedical Applications 10
A New Multilevel Pulsed Modulation Technique for Low Power High Data Rate Optical Biotelemetry 9
A New Light-to-Frequency Analog Front-End Circuit for Optical Sensing in Biomedical Applications 9
Totale 3819
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2018/2019538 9487 2912 1773 44215228
2019/2020825 1531410110 3102 15720 136153111
2020/2021843 8970106 9816 1366 1043416375
2021/2022656 23478333 476 1175 445428205
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