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Pantographic lattices with non-orthogonal fibres: Experiments and their numerical simulations 49
Large deformations of planar extensible beams and pantographic lattices: Heuristic homogenization, experimental and numerical examples of equilibrium 48
Pattern formation in the three-dimensional deformations of fibered sheets 45
Dynamics of 1D nonlinear pantographic continua 43
Higher-gradient continua: The legacy of Piola, Mindlin, Sedov and Toupin and some future research perspectives 43
King post truss as amotif for internal structure of (meta)material with controlled elastic properties 42
Modeling deformable bodies using discrete systems with centroid-based propagating interaction: Fracture and crack evolution 42
Viscous second gradient porous materials for bones reconstructed with bio-resorbable grafts 41
Linear pantographic sheets: Asymptotic micro-macro models identification 41
Elastic pantographic 2D lattices: A numerical analysis on the static response and wave propagation 40
Pantographic metamaterials show atypical Poynting effect reversal 38
Homogenization à  la Piola produces second gradient continuum models for linear pantographic lattices 37
Pantographic 2D sheets: Discussion of some numerical investigations and potential applications 37
Buckling modes in pantographic lattices 37
A visco-poroelastic model of functional adaptation in bones reconstructed with bio-resorbable materials 36
Numerical simulations of classical problems in two-dimensional (non) linear second gradient elasticity 36
Modeling of the interaction between bone tissue and resorbable biomaterial as linear elastic materials with voids 31
Models for remodelling in porous bone reconstructed tissues saturated with interstitial fluids 25
On mechanically driven biological stimulus for bone remodeling as a diffusive phenomenon 23
A 2-D continuum model of a mixture of bone tissue and bio-resorbable material for simulating mass density redistribution under load slowly variable in time 23
Axisymmetric deformations of a 2nd grade elastic cylinder 23
Experimental evaluation of frictional energy dissipation in cement-based materials with micro-particles under cyclic loading 20
Bias extension test on an unbalanced woven composite reinforcement. Experiments and modeling via a second-gradient continuum approach 20
A Biot-Cosserat two-dimensional elastic nonlinear model for a micromorphic medium 19
A Diffusion Model for Stimulus Propagation in Remodeling Bone Tissues 19
Numerical simulation of remodeling of bone tissue and bio-resorbable material mixture with voids under different loads 19
Biaxial bias extension test for pantographic sheets 19
Variational principles in numerical practice 19
Nonlinear dynamics of uniformly loaded Elastica: Experimental and numerical evidence of motion around curled stable equilibrium configurations 19
Experimental behavior of concrete with micro-particles under cyclic loading and effects due to frictional energy dissipation 18
A continuum model of cement-based materials with internal frictional dissipation 18
A continuum model of a mixture of bone tissue and bio-resorbable material for simulating mass density redistribution in a 2d sample 18
Can a Hencky-type model predict the mechanical behaviour of pantographic lattices? 18
A model of internal frictional dissipation in concrete and mechanical effects due to micro-particles addition 18
Piezo-electromechanical smart materials with distributed arrays of piezoelectric transducers: Current and upcoming applications 18
Large oscillations around curled equilibrium configurations of uniformly loaded Euler-Bernoulli beams: Numerical and experimental evidences 17
A simple non-linear model for internal friction in modified concrete 17
The influence of different geometries of matrix/scaffold on the response of a bone and resorbable material mixture with voids 17
Advances in pantographic structures: design, manufacturing, models, experiments and image analyses 17
Equilibrium of Two-Dimensional Cycloidal Pantographic Metamaterials in Three-Dimensional Deformations 17
Extensional Elastica in large deformation as Gamma-limit of a discrete 1D mechanical system 17
Energy-based trajectory tracking and vibration control for multilink highly flexible manipulators 17
A micro-structural model for dissipation phenomena in the concrete 17
Identification of two-dimensional pantographic structure via a linear D4 orthotropic second gradient elastic model 17
A study about the impact of the topological arrangement of fibers on fiber-reinforced composites: Some guidelines aiming at the development of new ultra-stiff and ultra-soft metamaterials 17
In-depth gaze at the astonishing mechanical behavior of bone: A review for designing bio-inspired hierarchical metamaterials 17
A rate-independent internal friction to describe the hysteretic behavior of pantographic structures under cyclic loads 17
Modeling of a non-local stimulus for bone remodeling process under cyclic load: Application to a dental implant using a bioresorbable porous material 16
Pantographic metamaterials: an example of mathematically driven design and of its technological challenges 16
A model for elastic flexoelectric materials including strain gradient effects 16
Euromech 563 Cisterna di Latina 17-21 March 2014. Generalized continua and their applications to the design of composites and metamaterials. A review of presentations and discussions 16
Modeling and designing micro- and nano-structured metamaterials: Towards the application of exotic behaviors 16
Multidisciplinary approach to myocardial regeneration: In vitro and in silico studies of stem cells behaviour 16
Reflection and transmission of plane waves at surfaces carrying material properties and embedded in second-gradient materials 16
A discrete formulation of Kirchhoff rods in large-motion dynamics 16
A low-power circuit for piezoelectric vibration control by synchronized switching on voltage sources 16
3D-Measurements of 3D-Deformations of Pantographic Structures 16
A review of recent developments in mathematical modeling of bone remodeling 16
Metamaterials with relative displacements in their microstructure: technological challenges in 3D printing, experiments and numerical predictions 16
Three-dimensional instabilities of pantographic sheets with parabolic lattices: numerical investigations 16
Lattice shells composed of two families of curved Kirchhoff rods: an archetypal example, topology optimization of a cycloidal metamaterial 16
Chirality in 2D Cosserat media related to stretch-micro-rotation coupling with links to granular micromechanics 16
Propagation of linear compression waves through plane interfacial layers and mass adsorption in second gradient fluids 15
Numerical identification of constitutive parameters in reduced-order bi-dimensional models for pantographic structures: application to out-of-plane buckling 15
A mathematical model for longitudinal wave propagation in a magnetoelastic hollow circular cylinder of anisotropic material under the influence of initial hydrostatic stress 15
Semi-active vibration control via VFC-variational feedback by piezoelectric actuation 15
The Effect of Mechanical Load-induced Intraosseous Pressure Gradients on Bone Remodeling 15
Interfaces in micromorphic materials: Wave transmission and reflection with numerical simulations 15
Dynamic problems for metamaterials: Review of existing models and ideas for further research 15
Finite-element analysis of polyhedra under point and line forces in second-strain gradient elasticity 15
Continuum modelling of pantographic sheets for out-of-plane bifurcation and vibrational analysis 15
The influence of different loads on the remodeling process of a bone and bioresorbable material mixture with voids 15
Modelling flexible multi-link robots for vibration control: numerical simulations and real-time experiments 15
Effective strain gradient continuum model of metamaterials and size effects analysis 15
A two-dimensional continuum model of pantographic sheets moving in a 3D space and accounting for the offset and relative rotations of the fibers 15
Pantographic metamaterials: A view towards applications 14
Wrinkling in engineering fabrics: A comparison between two different comprehensive modelling approaches 14
Numerical identification procedure between a micro-Cauchy model and a macro-second gradient model for planar pantographic structures 14
Continuum and discrete models for structures including (quasi-) inextensible elasticae with a view to the design and modeling of composite reinforcements 14
Material characterization and computations of a polymeric metamaterial with a pantographic substructure 14
Edge effects in Hypar nets 14
In plane shear and bending for first gradient inextensible pantographic sheets. Numerical study of deformed shapes and global constraint reactions 14
Spectral properties of 2D pantographic metamaterial: Experimental results 14
Electrical analogs of curved beams and application to piezoelectric network damping 14
The mathematical model of reflection and refraction of longitudinal waves in thermo-piezoelectric materials 13
Towards the design of an enriched concrete with enhanced dissipation performances 13
Wave reflection at a free interface in an anisotropic pyroelectric medium with nonclassical thermoelasticity 13
Buckling of an elastic hemispherical shell with an obstacle 13
The influence of different geometries of matrix/scaffold on the remodeling process of a bone and bioresorbable material mixture with voids 13
Virtual spring damper method for nonholonomic robotic swarm self-organization and leader following 13
Multi-scale concrete model with rate-dependent internal friction 13
Non-linear lumped-parameter modeling of planar multi-link manipulators with highly flexible arms 13
Variational Feedback Control for a nonlinear beam under an earthquake excitation 13
Multimode vibration control using several piezoelectric transducers shunted with a multiterminal network 13
Two layers pantographs: A 2D continuum model accounting for the beams’ offset and relative rotations as averages in SO(3) Lie groups 13
On Boundary Layers Observed in Some 1D Second-Gradient Theories 12
Parameter identification of a second-gradient model for the description of pantographic structures in dynamic regime 11
A Lagrangian Hencky-type non-linear model suitable for metamaterials design of shearable and extensible slender deformable bodies alternative to Timoshenko theory 9
Investigating the mechanical response of microscale pantographic structures fabricated by multiphoton lithography 9
Totale 2011
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